Why Smoking Kills Intimacy

Almost all people agree that sex plays an important role in relationships, and a sexual dysfunction could destroy even those most loving couples. But, if addressed earlier as well as with appropriate treatment, even those chronic cases of erectile dysfunction could be treated.

Erectile dysfunction, which is the incapability to initiate and keep an erection has been the top sexual dysfunction which men living in the US experience. Every year, in spite of the truth that over 30 million men have been diagnosed with this disorder, numerous cases of this are unreported. Until in the recent years, erectile dysfunction has been recognized as an issue in metabolism as well as not a lifestyle-related disorder. But, studies have discovered that certain lifestyle choices such as smoking and substance abuse cause beyond 25% of the total cases of erectile dysfunction.

All problems in erection is thought to be connected with the blood flow because erections happen if blood rushes into the male sexual organ. Well, anything which hinders with this mechanism is likely to be the cause why erectile dysfunction occurs. Aside from the apparent damages in our respiratory system, cigarette smoking would cause a considerable damage in the circulation of the body. Also, the fumes of carbon monoxide that comes from cigarettes would bind together with hemoglobin and lessens its capacity to carry oxygen. The carbon particle would also result to the malformation of heart valves as well as would lessen the amount of RBCs or red blood cells. Check out http://www.ehow.com/how_5609771_operate-electronic-cigarette.html for more info about ecigs.

All of these factors would combine to cause cardiovascular problems which cause the artery to harden, known as arteriosclerosis. Aside from that, it also lessens the blood supply into the peripheral regions, particularly the genitals. Therefore, smoking electronic cigarette starter kit would be directly possible for certain problems such as erectile dysfunction, increase in sperm mortality, loss in libido and lower sperm count.

If an erectile dysfunction is caused by smoking from e cigarette uk , it could not be totally cured using drugs such as Viagra. This situation would be further worsened if a smokers has some conditions like heart problems and diabetes. The only treatment, although it it may seem impossible for most men, would be to stop smoking. Also, there are numerous programs available online and de-addiction centers which the smokers could use. The most significant thing about stopping smoking would not only improving your health, but also improving the sexual intimacy with your partner. So why not free yourself from the risks of smoking today?